On the Government Shutdown

I’ll keep it short and sweet, for those of you who know me you’ve probably already heard my long winded political rants…

I just think that representatives should be held accountable for their actions and what results from them. I think it shouldn’t be a power struggle but rather a collaborative effort to do good for the people. I think personal and group motivations should be secondary to what is best for the future. I also think that if one is not adequately doing their job (especially one of public service) they should be removed from their post.

Look at me – what an idealist I am. Representatives serving because its an honor to work for the people? Tangible standards for them to be held to? Ha! I don’t think things are going to change for the better, and that’s due to the culture of political apathy most of us are apart of.

It’s time to hold these people accountable


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