The Good Old Days

It’s like a constant cycle. You hear it from plenty of the older generation. “This country is falling apart.” “What’s the matter with kids these days?” “It’s not like back in the good old days when people worked for a dollar.” Etc, etc, etc.

You know, recently I found myself falling into this mindset. I think the tv shows, trends, and music the younger generation is obsessed with are all collectively horrible. I think this country is going in the wrong direction, i don’t think kids appreciate quality or value what really matters.

I was becoming an old curmudgeon at age 23.

The 90’s – now those were the heydays! There was quality cartoons, there were jobs, the economy was stable, music wasn’t awful, and the internet had not taken over anyone life yet. There was convenience without the all consuming obsession. I fondly remembered those days….before realizing the error of my thinking.

We’re all going to have the “good old days” no matter when we grew up or in what condition, and there’s a simple reason for this: LIFE WAS EASIER WHEN YOU WERE A KID!

Our time as children is one of the greatest periods of our lives. Most of us didn’t have to worry about money, politics, the state of society, or where we were going in life. Back then the world was our oyster. We got sentimental over television shows and music. We developed attachments to these things and good times that we hold to this day. We didn’t worry about the strife out there because we were raised and protected from it all.

But the fact of the matter remains…the good old days never existed. There’s always been problems in this nation and there will always be problems. We’ve all grown up in different eras in different ways, but there’s always something that needed fixing. Some times in this country have undoubtedly been better than others but we all tend to overvalue the period that encompassed the first 20 years of our life.

And why wouldn’t we? Back then we could do and become whatever we want. Back then there wasn’t bills, we weren’t’ watching the news, and we didn’t have to worry about the state of the job or housing market. Back then life was simple…and therefore life was better. Everything was in line, with premium entertainment and wholesome values, so it was better.

But standards change. Societal values shift. The atmosphere in which children are raised is ever changing. So maybe the time you grew up in did have some better aspects to it, but I guarantee there were plenty of worse ones too. The world is always changing, and in a way that’s beautiful, and sometimes, rather than rue this, we have to appreciate what was and make the best of what is, realizing that beauty, success, and happiness once was, and certainly will always be.



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2 responses to “The Good Old Days

  1. You may just have something there…

  2. greyzoned

    Amen to what you just said! It’s ironic because I recently wrote a blog post about my connection (and sometimes obsession) with the past. Thanks for the commentary. I liked it. alot.

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