Life Candidly

I sometimes enjoy writing posts that go unedited, and this is one of those times. There’s a sort of liberating sense of just putting my feelings out there when I do this, an air of genuineness that doesn’t come when I edit my posts, having to consider what EXACT words are correct and how people will interpret individual sentences. Now is one of those times where I can just get it all out.

I talk about my thoughts on life and philosophy a great deal in this blog, but this morning I thought I’d just be simple, and let some of my followers know a little more about me.

I was accepted into law school last year, and decided not to go. It was a major life decision. I am currently enrolled in a masters program with the goals of attaining my masters degree in school counseling. I have a novel coming out (hopefully soon, there have been setbacks) through an independent publisher. I continue to tirelessly work on my other projects in hopes of securing another literary agent. I’m in the roughest financial situation of my entire life, and this greatly concerns me daily. I recently did incredibly well in a job interview at my current university. If given the position my graduate courses would become free, however I’d likely have to change my program of study. Still, the job pays well and has excellent benefits, and is one I’m strongly considering taking if it’s offered to me.

I love football and playing sports. I’m also a huge fan of video games, chess, and poker. I can be a sagacious intellectual or an immature jackass, often traversing between the two on the drop of a dime.

There’s more, but I just thought I’d put myself out there a little more. So there you go, blogworld, here’s a little bit of me 🙂


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