Pain and Perspective

The last few weeks have probably been the worst of my entire life. I encountered more trials, tribulations, and pain than I ever thought I’d be able to endure, hit rock bottom emotionally, and became so tired of life kicking me in the face that I no longer wanted to endure.

And I am grateful for this.

You see, I’ve realized that these last few weeks are truly a blessing. If am able to endure this onslaught after the hell I’ve conquered over the last two years, well I feel like I’m ready for anything life is going to throw at me in the future. These last few weeks have allowed me to become a stronger, more mature, and capable individual. These hardships have provided me with an opportunity to grow emotionally and as a person, and for this I am grateful.

You see, adversity builds character.Adversity is an opportunity to learn an immense deal about one’s self and the world around them. Adversity opens eyes, breaks down barriers, and allows us to see our true potential.

When someone works out they push themselves. They run hard, life weights until exhaustion, and diet to keep their body trim and fit. These processes are painful. These processes make them want to quit. But they don’t; and they emerge as stronger, healthier people from the experience.

And this is how I am looking at my recent experiences. I could go on and on and on about how horrible these weeks have been, how devastating they are and how my future has been hindered…but what would that do? What I’ve learned about myself during this time is that I am blessed. Not everyone will be presented this type of opportunity. Not everyone will be able to explore themselves and deal with troubles of this magnitude. I have been given the toughest “workout” there is and I have the chance to become “more fit” than I’ve ever been in my life.

Why not get through the workout? Why not become stronger and more intelligent than ever before? Why quit now when truly, the only way to go is up?

I say this now but earlier in this week I would have said the opposite. Earlier in this week I wanted to quit; I was tired of what life was throwing at me and wanted no more of it.

I’ve been there; you’re not alone. I’m not up on some soapbox here, I understand. When these situations arise we still have options, we still have a choice, and one of the most important decisions we can make is how to frame and look at our situations. These few weeks have helped me immensely, and I appreciate any opportunity to learn and grow as an individual.

Thank you for reading this. I truly appreciate it. God bless 🙂


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  1. Nice way to put a positive spin on the crappiness that can take over. Sometimes you just have to hang on long enough to see the light. But sometimes even that hanging on seem so hard. thank you for sharing this.

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