Life Unedited

A thank you to those who have seen me through my darkest days. 


I’ve finally gotten to the point where I can say something about it. You know, after all the financial and family hardships I’ve experienced in the last year, hearing that the love of my life no longer loved me nearly broke me completely. The one outlet I had, the one person I aspired to have a life with, no longer wanted that, and for a short time I didn’t think I had the emotional capacity to go on. At perhaps the worst possible time I lost the motivation that truly kept me going and achieving, my dreams for the future were shattered, and I never had felt more devastated alone, or worthless. Nearly six years of my life and what I devoted my spirit to was suddenly gone. On top of every thing else, why should I go on?

But, life has its challenges. Although the situation still hurts me, I know that I must continue to be myself, love myself, and strive to achieve. I have done wonderful things in my life and will only continue to do more. This adversity has been an opportunity for unparalleled growth, development, maturation, and insight. Accepting this opportunity and accomplishing these things continues to be difficult, but I have learned more about myself and the world during this time than perhaps any other moment of my life.

From the lost of my father to the hellish family situation that followed, and now to this, I’ve run the gambit. I don’t fear anything in life anymore. There’s no reason to; the worst has truly happened. The horizon is open for me and I shall explore it. Because life isn’t fair; the world is never what we want it to be, but in such lies the beauty of existence. We can’t control life, we can never completely figure it out, but that’s why wonder will never fade. There are always new paths to forge and adventures to be had. There’s always more potential for personal growth and insight and there are always amazing people out there to meet.

Finally, I’d like to thank my dearest friends for being here for me in my most dire time. You’re love and unconditional support has kept me pressing on and I truly love you all for it. I’ll never forget every act of kindness (large and small) you’ve offered me. All I have accomplished is not solely on my accord, but is also due to the contributions and love so many have offered.


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