The Older I Get…

…the more I know that I don’t know. The more questions I answer the more questions are posed. The more I learn the more I realize I can never learn it all. To some this is daunting, and indeed, it’s a great deal to process. The more answers we seek the more aware we become of just how little we know. 

Socrates and many eastern philosophies have touched on this extensively, and I believed I understood it for a time, but my understanding was purely on an academic level. Experience truly synthesized the theoretical with the tangible, and as each day goes by there’s more principles and thoughts I have to reconsider, rethink, or even abandon entirely. We’re students of life forever. 

And that’s a magnificent thing. You see, wonder never has to fade. There’s always more to know and experience. There’s more realizations to be uncovered, countless personal truths to be found, and amazing people out there to form meaningful relationships with. The fact that I will never know all the answers does not scare me – it fills me with a sense of adventure, because truly, that sense of wonder and excitement will never fade. 

So blaze your trail, for, no matter what paths end, there’s always countless more to explore. 


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