Terminal (Pt. 7)

I park in my normal spot at the hospital and walk the short distance to visitor parking. I scan the area for Robin and I see her walking between two cars. She stops, looking around quickly, before kneeling and doing something to one of the vehicle’s tire. I hear a hissing sound whiz through the night as I head in her direction. Continue reading “Terminal (Pt. 7)”


Gentleman’s Game (Pt. 1)

“So, did you fuck her?” Philip asked, the light of the fire casting flickering shadows over his face. He looked like a child awaiting the ending of a campfire story; simultaneously eager and hesitant to hear the conclusion of Michael’s tale. Continue reading “Gentleman’s Game (Pt. 1)”

Ice Cream and Debauchery (Pt. 4)

Mom sits at the dining room table, her usual perch, towers of old magazines and unpaid bills obscuring her cigarette smoking silhouette. She holds a shaky hand to her lips, where a cigarette trembles, her other hand holding a glass of wine good and steady. There’s a smattering of objects on the table around her, crumbs, dirty silverware, and a cavalcade of pills she may or may not have a prescription for. Continue reading “Ice Cream and Debauchery (Pt. 4)”