Suicide Jack (Pt. 4)

Kapper is a son of a bitch, Jacob Walters thinks as he opens the door to his home. The bastard had granted Edleman’s plea for a two day recess to assess the potential validity of the new witnesses’ statements.

It was a stall tactic if Jacob had ever seen one. Continue reading “Suicide Jack (Pt. 4)”


Harbinger (Pt.7)

“You cheap bastard!” Elise Sutter exclaimed, half angry, half laughing, as Ben blasted past in the last moment to win the race. She dropped the Nintendo 64 controller and slapped at his arms playfully. “Cheater, cheater, cheater! You’re too proud to ever let me win aren’t you?” Continue reading “Harbinger (Pt.7)”

Imitates Art (Pt. 3)

My own words jar me from the homicidal fantasy. The class looks to me with a sort of bored impatience, part of their minds wanting to have the basic questions answered but another part wanting to leave and get to whatever social event they have planned. I shoot a look to Gary, who, after my hand slam upon his desk is at his fullest attention, before walking to my desk and seizing the stack of syllabi. I pass one to the gentleman in the front row and they circulate around the class.   Continue reading “Imitates Art (Pt. 3)”