Harbinger (Pt. 9)


That night the citizens of Rowley began realizing that something was wrong. Although many of them were skeptics and tended to cast issues off as non-problems, they couldn’t deny the creeping feelings of doubt, suspicion, fear, and hatred welling up inside them. Continue reading “Harbinger (Pt. 9)”


Harbinger (Pt. 5)

Around seven that evening, coincidentally at the same time Ben Dowling was getting out of work, Jack Handlan was getting done with a “responsibility” of his own.

Jack had gotten home from a hard day at work for the tree service, taking down three trees and trimming the branches of a few others, essentially all by himself since the other guy on the job, Billy Brissler, couldn’t even tie his shoes correctly. Continue reading “Harbinger (Pt. 5)”

Ice Cream and Debauchery (Pt. 4)

Mom sits at the dining room table, her usual perch, towers of old magazines and unpaid bills obscuring her cigarette smoking silhouette. She holds a shaky hand to her lips, where a cigarette trembles, her other hand holding a glass of wine good and steady. There’s a smattering of objects on the table around her, crumbs, dirty silverware, and a cavalcade of pills she may or may not have a prescription for.

Eventually, you stop asking about these kinds of things. Continue reading “Ice Cream and Debauchery (Pt. 4)”