Harbinger (Pt. 10)

The next morning, Nick Laflin was driving down Route 6 from his vacation house off the shores of beautiful Lake Wiladongun, to Rosedale, in order to pick up some fishing supplies and maybe even a breakfast sandwich while he was at it. Nick had taken a week off from work using his saved vacation days, and that meant he and his family would be spending the entire time relaxing on the serene waters of the lake. Continue reading “Harbinger (Pt. 10)”


Ice Cream and Debauchery (Pt. 7)

I wake up.

I shoot forward in bed, throwing my blankets to the floor. I’m coated in a thick layer of sweat, my clothes clinging to my body like an unwanted layer of skin. I squint as a thin film of sunlight leaks through my blinds. It’s morning. I gasp and slap my own body, making sure I’m real and in one piece. Continue reading “Ice Cream and Debauchery (Pt. 7)”

Gentleman’s Game (Pt. 2)

Michael led his friends through his home towards front door. Philip asked if the others would be joining him for golf the next day, to which Aiden responded yes and Michael no. Philip and Michael chatted about the reasons why, none of which Aiden took in as he hurried toward the front door. Michael’s house was expansive; with the excess amount of furniture and decorations Mrs. Sallow had thrown about her home it was practically a labyrinth. Continue reading “Gentleman’s Game (Pt. 2)”